BLM Protest in Response to “White Lives Matter” Flyer

A controversial flyer made its way around town and sparked up community activists.

FARGO, N.D.-(KVRR) People made it their mission to dismiss hate and racism in the city of Fargo with a counter protest to a “White Live Matter” rally that was planned for this weekend. KVRR’s Clare Allen was there with the activists downtown and gives us a closer look.

“No hate no KKK no racist USA”

“Treat everybody equal.” 

Community activists marched from island park to city hall to take a stand against hate in their community. 

This is the flyer that was posted on the internet and downtown about a “White Lives Matter” rally that scheduled this weekend. The flyer prompted for local activists like one Fargo and Black Lives Matter to come together to say no to racism in their city.

“Racism is not tolerated will not be tolerated in this area and community and that we are here for peace and love,” BLM activist Faith Dixon said.  

The counter protest began at island park and made their way to city hall where the white lives matter rally was to be held. When they arrived, there was no sign of the opposing rally. 

“Here to just intimate the people of color and it won’t be tolerated and justice will be served,” Dixon stated.  

Community groups hope that people who designed the flyer realized that hate and discrimination is not welcomed in Fargo and that they will continue to march for equality. 

“We’re here for love and peace and they need to be here for the same,” Dixon mentioned. 

One thing that activists want the community to know is that people of color face race issues everyday and want to see change. 

“We’re not saying that nobody else doesn’t matter, we are saying that black lives are being threatened and killed,” Faith made known. 

Faith Dixon believes that the job is not done and will continue to be a voice in the black lives matter movement.

“I do believe change will come and if it’s one person that we change we did our due justice,” she said.

It was a peaceful protest with no injuries and police were there to keep residents safe.


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