MSUM Students Produce “Homegrown” Documentary

students put more than 200 hours of work into the film

MOORHEAD, Minn. — An MSUM broadcast documentary class got out of school to get some real world experience and now you can see their work.

They produced a documentary called “Homegrown: From Farm to Fargo” which tells the unique stories of all the different people that make up Fargo’s Red River Market.

The class spent more than 200 hours doing the project in a matter of just two months.

Students say it taught them the importance of organization, time management and why local stories are so important.

“We had photographers, reporters, we had a social media team. I think the social media team ended up being just as important as everyone else because they’re the reason so many eyes are on this thing and we couldn’t have done it without a single person in the class,” said Zac Hoffner, one of the producers of the documentary. “That’s the best part is the team got together and we made this thing happen.”

People could see the film at 6:30 at the Fargo Theatre.

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