Lewis and Clark Elementary Put On Living Wax Museum

they all dressed up as different scientists they researched throughout their class


FARGO, N.D. — Gifted students at Lewis and Clark Elementary put a little twist on a wax museum they put together.

The third through fifth grade students were the actual mannequins, dressed up as different scientists to go along with their “Scientists in the Field” unit at school.
In order to learn more about each scientist, people just had to tap a button and then students would recite their presentations.
Class instructors say the students love participating in the activity so much because it makes learning a lot more fun for them.

“They just really think out of the box and really take their research to the next level. These students are really excited about their learning, choice of interest and it’s a great way to showcase what they know,” said Stacy Anderson, gifted services instructor at Lewis and Clark Elementary.

This is the third year in a row Lewis and Clark has done the wax museum.

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