Greywind Supports Gather in Support Before Crew’s Sentencing

Now that one of her killers is about to be sentenced, people in the community are showing their support

FARGO, ND — Savanna Greywind supporters are standing together to make a statement before one of her murderers finds out her fate tomorrow during her sentencing hearing.

Community gatherings such as these are a part of the healing process for her loved ones in our “Lead Story”.

Just six months ago, Savanna Greywind’s disappearance was a mystery.

Now that one of her killers is about to be sentenced, people in the community are showing their support.

“The impact in our community it still is impacting us so much and this is just bringing back right now so much,” said Lenora King, a Savanna Supporter.

Friends, family and supporters gathered at Sanctuary Events Center to honor her memory and to make sure that justice is served.

“Haisley’s here and she’s growing and she’s just so beautiful,” Lenora said.

Savanna’s boyfriend Ashton and her baby girl Haisley Joy were joined by strangers who feel connected to their tragedy.

“Because it occurred right here in Fargo, we all should be concerned,” said Janel Herald, the We Are Savanna Spokesperson.

“It’s still unimaginable to where we all still need prayer and we all still need healing because of what happened,” Lenora said.

But this event is also about reflecting on what really happened.

“Savanna’s murder was a heinous crime that occurred in Fargo” Janel said.

“Just making sure that everybody is aware that things like this can happen here in Fargo or anywhere you’re at.” Lenora said.

Organizers say there is a reason tonight’s event is called’ We Are Savanna’. They say she was their friend, their family, their daughters, their sisters, and most importantly they will always have a special place in their hearts for Savanna.

“We are here for her, we are supporting her and we’re here to make sure justice is served,” Lenora said.

This is just one example of how the community went above and beyond for Savanna

“It did really represent how Fargo does come together during a time of need,” Janel said.

The community is hoping the judge will make the right decision but supporters say regardless of the outcome, this is a crime they will forever live with.

“I hope that through healing and along the way that the family does get healing from events such as this,” Janel said.

Brooke Crew’s sentencing is tomorrow at 1 pm at Cass County Court House.

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