Thirteen Members of the Happy Hooligans Return to Fargo

Dozens of people gathered at Hector International Airport to greet the returning airmen

FARGO, N.D. — Additional members of the Happy Hooligans returned home to North Dakota this afternoon.

Thirteen airmen from the 119th Wing returned from a six–month tour to the Middle East.

The security forces were a part of the largest deployment since the Korean War.

They say they were proud to have served their country overseas, but are glad to be home after months away from family.

“It’s been great, it was nervous coming home, but now that we’re here that anxiety is gone, it’s just good to be home, good to be in Fargo where we’re from, it’s nice,” said Brennan Lemar, one of the thirteen returning airmen.

Last July, nearly 150 Hooligans left to serve as security personnel.

About 20 members of the unit are still serving overseas.

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