ShareHouse Rehab Center Already Expanding Services Eight Months After Opening

they started with nine beds and now have 35

FARGO, N.D. — It’s no secret drug addiction affects the lives of many people throughout the United States and right here in the metro.

That’s why there continues to be a growing need for addiction related services.

When people struggling with drug addictions first enter ShareHouse Rehab Center in Fargo, they often say the same thing.

“The number one thing we hear from our patients is that before I got here, I had no hope in my life,” said Nate Medhus, CEO and president of ShareHouse.

For the most part that  changes by the time they leave ShareHouse.

The program has been so successful since its doors opened last June, they’ve now expanded from nine to 35 beds.

“It’s very fulfilling knowing that we’re providing a service to the community that has such a need. And there are other good housing facilities, F5 Project and Redemption and I’ve heard of others starting up. So we’re excited to be partnering with them,” Medhus said.

The difference between ShareHouse and other facilities is the flexibility the program offers patients.

“They have opportunities to go back out into the real world. They’re probably working full–time, maybe going to school full–time but they’re coming back to a safe environment where they have a supportive environment to deal with any triggers that may have encouraged them during the day,” Medhus said.

Each person receives individualized treatment, meaning they can leave when they feel they are ready to get back into the world.

Once someone makes it through the program, they are then paired with a recovery coach.

“If they’ve fallen down or stumble, they get picked back up quickly. The more people you have around you and support you, the better off you’re going to be because they’re going to keep you strong,” Medhus said.

Medhus says he hopes those who once struggled will now motivate others fighting their addiction, by sharing their own stories.

“A lot of times people get into recovery, they hide back in the shadows and say ‘I don’t want to be known as an alcoholic or an addict. But sharing those stories is important because then people who aren’t in recovery can have hope,” Medhus said.

ShareHouse sees about one third of opiate addicts, one third of alcoholics and one third of meth addicts from every age and gender.

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