Otter Tail County is Celebrating 150 Years…On Ice!

It's about embracing your culture, celebrating your culture, celebrating your history

OTTER TAIL LAKE, Minn. — Otter Tail County is celebrating 150 years by honoring Minnesota culture…and their celebrating on ice!

This weekend’s party on Otter Tail Lake is the beginning of a yearlong celebration.

Most people can’t say they’ve been to a party on ice.

“For anybody that’s never been on ice yeah they just wouldn’t believe it,” said Jim Arvidson, a member of the 150th Anniversary Committee.

But for Minnesotans, spending quality time on the ice is part of their culture.

“It’s about embracing your culture, celebrating your culture, celebrating your history,” said Nicholas Leonard, the Otter Tail County Communications Director.

“I think in Minnesota we are very proud of our heritage of what we’ve done in the past, our forefathers that came to this country,” Arvidson said.

Otter Tail County is kicking off their 150th Anniversary celebrations.

“What better time than with the Super Bowl being in Minnesota we said look it lets throw a giant party on one of Minnesota’s most famous lakes,” Leonard, said.

They are enjoying the great outdoors with a little nip in the air and underneath their toes.

“Tents, people, food, drinks, it’s been a great weekend,” Leonard said.

It may seem scary to spend your afternoon on some ice but they say there are at least two feet of ice are underneath us followed by two more feet of water.

“Ice houses out here and tents and cars and trucks, not a problem, there’s almost three feet of ice here today,” Arvidson said.

Organizers say the goal of this event is to bring families together.

“Seeing little kids getting pulled around with their dogs in sleds yesterday, that was one of my favorite memories,” Leonard said.

“You’ll be amazed by all of the families that have stayed here and their kids keep coming back and just love to be a part of Minnesota,” Arvidson said.

But the celebrations don’t end here. The 150th Anniversary Committee has events planned all year, including an acting troupe that will be traveling the county, while also traveling back in time.

“Maybe what life has been like in the last 150 years of Otter Tail County,” Arvidson said.

From polar plunges to snowmobiles, these Minnesotans took in all of the fun.

“We choose to live in Minnesota, we choose to live in this climate and so if you’re going to live here you might as well enjoy it,” Leonard said.

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