Retiring Clay County Sheriff Says He’ll Stay in Community

He served as sheriff for 16 years

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Bill Bergquist announced his retirement on Monday and will not seek a fifth term as Clay County sheriff.

Bergquist has been elected to four four year terms as Clay County sheriff and has decided to hang up his handcuffs.

He is happy and proud to have served his community.

But he says the decision to run for sheriff was a spur–of–the–moment choice that his wife wasn’t too thrilled about at first.

“All of a sudden I woke up one night and said I wanted to run for sheriff…and my wife says no, but she later said yes,” Bergquist said.

Bergquist says that he’ll miss interacting with the public as sheriff.

“The most memorable for me for being here is the people, and as being an elected official, everybody in your whole county wants to see you,” Bergquist said.

He also says that the next sheriff will need to keep his or her connection with the public strong in order to better serve the community.

“To be the people person.  Being the sheriff sometimes…the sheriff doesn’t get out with the public and they’re going to let you know about it I guarantee you,” Bergquist said.

Bergquist has served as sheriff of Clay County for the past 16 years, and after retirement he has no plans on leaving the community he’s served in law enforcement for the past 40 years.

“I don’t want to move south…I want to stay in the snow,” Bergquist said.

Bergquist says one of his biggest accomplishments as sheriff was getting the new Clay County Jail and Law Enforcement Center built.

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