Clay County Sheriff Makes Endorsement For His Replacement

Sheriff Bill Bergquist has endorsed Mark Empting to become the next Clay County Sheriff

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist has endorsed Mark Empting to take his job. In a statement, Bergquist said Empting has the experience and enthusiasm desired to be sheriff. Empting has been with the sheriff’s office nearly 16 years and has risen to the rank of lieutenant. Other declared candidates for sheriff include Mark Hendrickson, Scott Steffes and…

Retiring Clay County Sheriff Says He’ll Stay in Community

He served as sheriff for 16 years

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Bill Bergquist announced his retirement on Monday and will not seek a fifth term as Clay County sheriff. Bergquist has been elected to four four year terms as Clay County sheriff and has decided to hang up his handcuffs. He is happy and proud to have served his community. But he says the decision to run for…