Prairie Roots Food Co-op Getting More Local Produce From Farmers

they already get produce from more than 15 local farmers

FARGO, N.D. —┬áPrairie Roots Food Co-op’s philosophy revolves around the idea that local, clean food is what should be sold in grocery stores.

Tonight local producers had the chance to get more of their products into the store.

The more love you show your body by feeding it healthy foods, the better you’ll feel.

“People are starting to realize if you put good in, you’re going to get good out,” said Joleen Baker, produce manager at the co-op.

People can find all sorts of those healthy foods right here in Fargo at Prairie Roots Food Co-op.

“The food co-op is dedicated to carrying local and sustainably sourced food in general but in the Red River Valley, we have a lot of local producers and so we take it upon ourselves to support them,” Baker said.

Prairie Roots already gets produce from more than 15 local farmers. Now they’re trying to stock the grocery store’s shelves with some more local produce.
Especially because as some employees say, the customers can’t seem to get enough.

“People love the local, people love coming in and seeing local produce and seeing local shelf stable items,” Baker said.

Ross Lockhart is one farmer who is trying to put his produce into Prairie Roots.

“We prefer to market our products direct to consumer, typically through a farmer’s market or a CSA, but the co-op is just another avenue for us to market our product and we have similar sort of philosophical understandings of how we approach agriculture so I’d say it’s a good fit for us,” Lockhart said.

For any farmer looking to incorporate their produce in the store, there are a few requirements.

“We don’t purchase crops that have been grown with chemicals or genetically modified seeds,” Baker said.

Because at the end of the day, it’s still all about teaching people to put the right things into their body.

“The reason I eat clean and organic is not just to keep my dollar local and support this local economy. But also because I feel better when I’m putting good things into my body,” Baker said.

Local producers are encouraged to stop in anytime to talk about getting their products into the store.

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