Gerber Baby with Down Syndrome is Inspiring Families in the Valley

It puts kids with Down syndrome in front of everybody and allows a conversation to happen


FARGO, ND — A one–year–old is the first child with Down syndrome to be chosen as the Gerber baby.

This adorable baby is giving inspiration to the world and to families right here in the valley.

“Oh my gosh, look at this this is so cool, we are seriously breaking barriers and we are doing wonderful things,” said Tahnee Ruud, with Gigi’s Playhouse in Fargo.

That was the reaction from many across the nation when they found out about the new Gerber Spokesbaby with Down syndrome.

And for some, the exciting news hits close to home.

“And it has a special place in our hearts to put kiddos with Down syndrome in front of everybody to allow that conversation to happen,” said Kelli Ackerland, a mother of a boy with Down syndrome.

The Ackerland family has four boys…

“Dash’s twin has no idea that there is any differences,” Kelli said.

“My Dashy, me and Dashy just play to together,” said his twin Edge.

Dash is just one of the boys.

“He’s the shy one, he’s the one with the really good hair, who gives really awesome snuggles and hugs,” Kelly said.

“They still fight with them they wrestle with him, they ignore him they take his toys, just like they would if he was a typical kiddo,” Kelly said.

“We just love him as a great brother,” said his brother.

His parents say they didn’t know the impact Dash would have on them…

“Dash has completely changed my life in the best way possible,” Kelli said.

Gerber is a brand introduced to children at a very young age…an age, Kelli said, she started having conversations about Down syndrome with her boys.

“If you can start and have that acceptance when they are really little, it makes them accepting adults,” Kelli said.

Gerber is helping change the minds of people across the nation, but organizations like Gigi’s Playhouse is accomplishing the same mission locally.

“We are promoting and we are trying to help the world be more accepting and to be kinder,” Tahnee said.

Reminding people no matter their differences, all kids are special.

“They say they are more alike than different and that couldn’t be more true,” Tahnee said.

The new Gerber Spokesbaby is teaching the world about acceptance and equality and Kelli says it’s important for the world to remember…

“Different is beautiful,” Kelli said.

The new Gerber Spokesbaby, Lucas Warren, is from Dalton, Georgia.

A spokeswoman for Gerber says Lucas is the perfect fit.

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