World Thinking Day Teaches Girl Scouts About World Cultures

Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons partnered with NDSU international students

FARGO, N.D. — Girl Scouts got the opportunity to learn about world cultures from NDSU international students during World Thinking Day.

Eve Vetter, an eight year old Girl Scout, says the country she wants to visit most is India.

“There’s lots of different spices and foods and noodles,” she said.

India is one of multiple countries being featured, along with China, Germany, and Algeria. There was even a table for America, which showcases what a melting pot the country is.

“Our hope is that [the Girl Scouts] will take away the idea that the world isn’t such a big place, and we all have things in common, whether we look the same, believe the same, it doesn’t matter. And that they embrace that and aren’t afraid to go out in the world and do something with it,” said Jennifer Jamieson, an event organizer.

Groups of Girl Scouts rotated through different country stations, opened up their passports, and got a stamp after learning some new facts.

“It’s really fun because you get lots of stamps, and you get to learn so much about the different countries and their culture, and sometimes you get special things from each country,” Vetter said.

It’s not just an opportunity for the Girl Scouts to learn, but for the NDSU students as well.

“It’s also a great experience for our international students to talk about their home culture and get to know local children and find out from them different traditions and backgrounds,” said Alicia Kauffman, director of International Student and Study Abroad Services.

There are World Thinking Days held across the country, and Eve wants other kids to know, “That it can be really fun learning about new foods and how other people’s lives were in their old country.”

This is the second year NDSU and Girl Scouts have partnered for World Thinking Day, after the first one was such a success.

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