Owners Plan to Rebuild After Devastating Fire

Periwinkle Marketplace, known for its clothing, furniture and decor, went up in flames Wednesday night

OTTERTAIL, Minn. — Periwinkle Marketplace in Ottertail is a total loss after flames engulfed every inch of the building.

This terrifying night could have been even more devastating for one Minnesota family.

“That was the only thing that was going through my mind. That I lost my son,” said Jason Dykhoff, the husband of the owner of Periwinkle Marketplace.

As his wife’s business went up in flames, Jason yelled out his son’s name dozens of times but got no response.

“It was so hot and the flames were so large and so full of smoke in there I couldn’t see anything,” Jason said.

Luckily, his 17–year–old son found his way out with just a scratch on his knee.

“I actually seen my son run into the gas station and I knew right there, a sigh of relief, that my son is alive,” Jason said.

But Periwinkle Marketplace, which was known for its clothing, furniture and decor, was not as fortunate.

The fire started around 8 pm Wednesday night when Jason, his son and his son’s friend were getting ready to pull the transmission out his vehicle.

“He was doing some cutting and some sparks had got underneath the dash and ended up starting a fire under his pickup,” Jason said.

Before they knew it, the entire lot was up in flames.

“We tried everything possible to try to get the fire out before it did the damage of the store,” Jason said.

Ottertail, Battle Lake, Henning and Perham fire departments took down the fire, working hard to save the business next door.

“What I noticed right away was the separation from the building that had the fire to the adjacent building. The fireman did a wonderful job in clearing that area and saving everything,” said Lt. Keith Van Dyke, with the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office.

It was a quick and rapid fire that left nothing but scraps in its place and they say if the fire department arrived even fifteen minutes later, Ottertail Liquors would be in the same condition.

Luckily the business only had some water to clean up and has some cosmetic damage to the back wall.

Everything inside was unscathed.

“We’re getting phone calls left and right, we’re getting text messages left and right, if there’s anything we can do to help,” Jason said.

Reminding this family, the community will be there to support.

“It’s just a great feeling knowing there are people out there that do care,” Jason said.

Jason said they are definitely planning on bringing the store back to town.

“It’s going to be good for this town again that Periwinkle will be back and going sometime,” Jason said.

But his family and law enforcement couldn’t be more thankful the flames did not take any lives.

“When you look at something like that and you see what’s left of the building, thank goodness no one was hurt,” said Van Dyke.

The family plans to rebuild in the future and start fresh with a new and improved, Periwinkle Marketplace.

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