Three Construction Projects in Fargo Set to Kick Off This Spring

Tenth Street will be closed throughout the summer, work to be done on 13th Avenue and 45th Street

FARGO, N.D. — Work Zone Wally has set up shop on several streets across Fargo, and he’s brought along a simple message: road work is set to begin.

The City of Fargo has three major construction projects this year. Some of these renovations will allow limited traffic to go along while construction is ongoing, but Tenth Street, just south of NDSU, will be closed off due to extensive renovations.

“It will be a full reconstruction even the water, sewer, storm sewer lines, full redo because it’s old,” said Jeremy Gorden, the Transportation Division Engineer for the City of Fargo.

Construction on Tenth Street is set to get underway in May, and Gorden hopes the road work is complete by Halloween.

Meanwhile, South University Drive is also set to undergo some road work this summer. Local business owners feel that the repairs will help alleviate unnecessary traffic near their businesses.

“People turn into the parking lot and people just barrel through because they’re in a hurry and bypassing the light, so there’s more of a chance of something happening,” said Loy Larson, an agent for Farmers Insurance on South University Drive.

At the border of Fargo and West Fargo, there will be some major road construction along 45th Street. Notably, there will be a six–lane roadway in Fargo, and then a three–lane westbound and a two–lane eastbound route in West Fargo.

With the upcoming road work set to kick off this spring, Larson feels that the City could do a better job informing owners about the projects on the horizon.

“Sometimes you’re getting surprised. You’re driving along and there’s a lot of stuff going on and you don’t know about it,” said Larson.

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