MSUM Spelling Bee Raises Awareness for Cancer Research

Students competed by spelling cancer-related words

MOORHEAD, Minn. — MSUM students put on a spelling bee to raise awareness for cancer research in partnership with a non-profit called With Purpose.

“We just want to create awareness in a way that’s fun and that can include kids too without making it too serious, but also making it serious enough,” said Samantha Rushford, With Purpose group leader.

That’s why students decided to go with a spelling bee for their main event.

The spelling bee  started with simpler words and moved on to harder words like ‘anesthesiology’ and ‘chemotherapy.’

“I’m an English major but I’ve always had autocorrect so I’m absolutely terrified I’m going to make a complete fool of myself,” said Logan Peterson, a spelling bee participant.

All of the words are in some way connected to cancer.

“We wanted to make it easy enough but also hard enough so we didn’t run out of words. We wanted to keep it cancer–related so we can create awareness throughout this event,” Rushford said.

“It’s definitely awesome to be helping children with cancer. And it’s awesome to give back to students who are putting this on. I’m okay with making a fool of myself for that,” Peterson said.

People could also join in on the fun by creating crafts for children.

“I just hope that people get that it’s fun to act like a kid sometimes because in all reality sometimes kids are stronger than us,” Rushford said.

Cancer research is a month–long awareness campaign on campus and every year they highlight a different cause.

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