Tenants of Heartland Apartments Scramble to Find New Places to Live

The apartment is scheduled for demolition on May 15

FARGO, N.D. — Residents of Heartland Apartments in north Fargo were notified told their complex is being demolished.

The people who live in Heartland Apartments were notified Tuesday that their building is set for demolition.

The apartment building was built on the site of a former gas plant that was used to fuel downtown Fargo’s street lights back in the nineteenth century.

Xcel Energy bought the apartment building with the intention to clean it up and redevelop the property.

In a statement sent to KVRR, Xcel said they are committed to Fargo’s growth and redevelopment, and that a plan was being worked on for years.

They also said that tenants should work with the building management on relocation efforts.

Yesterday, many residents found out for the first time that they would have to find a new place to live, but, for some, they knew that this day was coming.

Tenants like Neal Giddings were notified back in December when their lease extension would only last until May.

“When I renewed my lease for the year starting in December until May 15th, and then when she told me around the first of the year that the building was going to be vacated, then I started looking for a new apartment,” said Giddings.

For Neal, it’s the second time he’s been forced to move when his building was marked for demolition, and he’s taking the situation in stride.

“If the property owner is going to show up and say you’re gotta move just because he bought the building, you have to…,” said Giddings.

The clean up is expected through the end of 2019.  Tenants must be out of the building by May 15.

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