School Resource Officers in Cass County Use Training, Technology to Protect Students

Four SRO's are employed by Cass County Sheriff's Office, but there are 18 officers at schools across the county

CASS COUNTY, ND — In wake of the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida, school resource officers have been tasked to protect their schools.

“The number one thing that is our safety asset in our schools anywhere is eliminating denial, making sure that we never take the attitude that something cannot happen here because we live in safe North Dakota,” said Deputy Chris Potter, the School Resource Officer at Maple Valley High School.

Even though Potter says the chances of a shooting occurring is extremely small, it’s better to be prepared with the latest technology and a vast network of fellow school resource officers across Cass County.

There are four school resource officers that work directly for the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, but including the Fargo Police Department and the West Fargo Police Department, there are 18 school resource officers across the county.

“They go through the same training that all of our officers go through as far as active shooter training is concerned. Of course the difference is that they’re already on scene and they’re going to be that first response towards that active shooter,” said Captain Jesse Jahner of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

Potter can look at his computer to see all angles of the school, and use a Raptor scanner to ensure that no predators or security threats make their way inside the building.

Administrators believe that Potter and other school resource officers are essential towards the well–being of schools due to their role as mentors and educators.

“There’s someone in the building that helps keep the building secure, but much more than that, he is helping our teaching staff and our students,” said Brian Wolf, the Superintendent of Maple Valley Public Schools.

Potter is also the President of the North Dakota Association of School Resource Officers.

To learn more information about the organization, click here.

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