People in the Valley are Ready for the Snow to End

The nice weather is a tease to many in the valley who are itching for spring to arrive

FARGO, ND — The nice weather is a tease to many in the valley who are itching for spring to arrive.

People say the cold winter is something they know all too well, but are ready to say goodbye to for the season.

The beautiful sunshine had people hoping it was time to put away the shovels and hang up their winter coats…

“It’s nice to be able to step outside and walk to the gas station and not have to worry about putting your hat on or your gloves,” said Richard Konkol from Fargo.

“So I can’t wait to walk among the trees and parks and all those things with friends or by myself,” said Karen Kuhn, from Fargo.

…but this incoming storm has crushed those dreams.

“Temperatures have been in the negative so it’s nice that its thirty degrees and its sunny and the snow is melting and now more snow is coming so it just seems like we’re back to square one,” Richard said.

Some, like Richard, are embracing the calm before the storm…

“I’m leaving on a flight today, a four thirty for Florida,” Karen said.

…while others are getting out before it’s too late.

“Florida here I come,” Karen said.

Many say they love Fargo for the winter, but they are ready to say goodbye for the season.

“I’m excited about being able to walk outside. I love the outdoors, I love this neighborhood,” Karen said.

They are ready to embrace what the warm months have in store.

“It always seems like there is something to do when it’s warm even if you just want to walk somewhere there are so many places you can go,” Richard said.

People in the valley say they’re not only excited for winter to end to be able to take off their gloves and remove their snow boots, but they are also excited to be able to step outside and not have to worry about their safety.

“This is one of the first days I’ve gone out the whole winter because I am really afraid it was black ice,” Karen said.

The cold temperatures and snowy roads have prevented many from getting out of the house.

“I’ve missed things because of the cold, that’s another negative,” Karen said.

But at the end of the day, they wouldn’t trade Fargo, with or without its frozen winters, for the world.

“I always said I’d move somewhere warmer but there is something about this place, just can’t seem to leave,” Richard said.

Many are hoping this is the last big snow fall of the winter and spring is just around the corner.

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