Lamoureux Twins Get A Heroes Welcome Home In Grand Forks

Sisters Played A Huge Role In U.S. Women's Hockey Team Winning The Gold In South Korea

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — After the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team won the gold in South Korea, Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux have returned to their home town of Grand Forks.

They started off scoring goals representing the green and white and now they’ve traveled back to the Ralph from South Korea rocking red, white, and blue.

“It’s just been amazing so far and it’s only been five hours.”

The game of ice hockey has been a love the twins have shared since they were little girls

“Just always been a dream to do this together. It’s never been an ‘I’, it’s always been a ‘we’,” said Jocelyne.

And now they are bringing home the gold as one.

Said Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown, “It’s nice when good people accomplish great things especially from you’re community, and it’s a result of determination, hard work, perseverance and the never giving up.”

The city of Grand Forks is celebrating the first ever gold medalists from the state, and honoring Monique and Jocelyne’s persistence to make it to the top.

“There’s a lot of blood and sweat and tears that went into what they accomplished and I think that’s a great lesson for children all over the community,”  said Jody Hodgson, General Manager at the Ralph.

“Role models for all of us. Not just our youth but all of us that shows you can accomplish if you stick with it.”

From LA to New York and all over the world, the twins say North Dakota will forever be home.

“You got Miss America, Carson Wentz, we got a few gold medals now, so putting North Dakota on the map”

As athletes they have been awarded the highest achievement, but as people they are ready to help others accomplish their dreams

“To set a good example for future generations especially young female athletes and younger women,” said Monique.

Hundreds showed up in Grand Forks to listen to stories from past coaches and watch the girls be handed the key to the city.

“For all of us, there’s certainly a great sense of pride in what they have accomplished.”

“You have to set high expectations for yourself because if you do no one else will.”

The future is bright for these gold medalists but they couldn’t be happier to have made an imprint on their home town.

“You want to leave a place better than when you found it and I think we’re doing that.”

Governor Burgum declared March 8th as Monique and Jocelyn Lamoureux day in the state of North Dakota.

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