New LaMoure Hog Farm Set to Save Local Cooperative Thousands of Dollars

The Fairview Colony's new farm will allow the cooperative to sell their hogs to the antibiotic market more easily

LAMOURE, N.D. — A LaMoure–based agriculture cooperative is about to open a modern hog farm.

The new farm will allow them to raise their hogs in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The cooperative invited the public to walk through the farm before it goes operational.

The Fairview Colony held an open house at their soon–to–be–opened hog farm, which showcases the latest in agricultural technology.

“This barn is designed to give really careful attention to each pig – the ventilation, the controllers – they’re all designed so we can absolutely control both the temperature and the humidity,” said Kyle Schuman from Standard Nutritional Services.

Once this hog farm is opened, the Fairview colony will be able to produce 16,000 hogs from start to finish right here in LaMoure, North Dakota.

“We can use our own grain that we raise.  We raise enough corn with the land we have,” said Eli Wipf, President of the Fairview Colony.

The $2 million project will allow the cooperative to save thousands of dollars each year.

The farm will also allow them more easily keep their hogs off of antibiotics.

“We want everything on site for the simple reason that we want to be drug–free,” said Wipf.

By keeping their pigs antibiotic–free, the cooperative can sell their product at a premium.

“So any pig that they can get through and keep healthy and do not have to give any antibiotics to is going to be a real benefit to them,” said Schuman.

By selling their hogs on the antibiotic market, the Fairview Colony can earn an extra $300,000 in revenue each year.

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