Davies High School Students Planning a Walkout

Fargo students have stoked their flames, standing up for what they believe in

FARGO, N.D. — After the Parkland Florida shooting took the lives of 17 people, students across the country have come together in solidarity.

Fargo high school students are following that movement and planning a walkout.

“Most of the great movements in history have been started by young people and that fire has been kept burning because of young people,” said Laura Jusu, a senior at Davies High School.

Fargo students have sparked their flames, standing up for what they believe in.

“No matter what you’re personal background is and your political beliefs I think everyone can agree that school shootings are bad and need to be prevented and measures need to be taken,” said Brooke Bergen, a senior at Davies High School.

Across the country people have fought for and against gun control.

“The second amendment is obviously important and no one is saying we should get rid of that,” said Madeline Cano, a senior at Davies High School.

“I never want somebody to feel afraid that their education is less valuable than someone’s right to a gun,” Jusu said.

Many argue students are too young to make change…

“The youth are the ones who are going to go on and move forward and are going to lead our country,” Bergen said.

…but these high schoolers are walking out of school on March 14th to prove them wrong.

“Some of the kids coming can’t even vote but they were like well I can change through protesting or signing a petition or writing a letter,” Cano said.

These Davies students are making sure their voices are heard.

“We’re not here to judge anyone, we’re not here to make anyone feel like they are less than for their life choices we really just want to promote peace and stop school shootings,” Jusu said.

Students who organized the event say it’s important to realize this is not just a problem in Florida this is a problem people are facing all over the country.

“Everyone connects with the feeling of wanting to promote change and wanting to change the feeling of the overall sense of the country,” Cano said.

They are reading off the names of the 17 victims, expressing their concerns on posters, and wearing red in honor of the lives lost to keep that connection alive.

“Do what we’re doing because it’s important to spread it to all school to show it’s not just one school in Fargo it’s all across the country,” Cano said.

“It’s not about your side versus my side or democrats versus republicans we’re all students, you all have kids going to high schools all around the country and we just want to keep kids safe,” Jusu said.

The students had over 25 people show up to their first meeting and are hoping for an even larger turnout at the walk out.

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