Students Walk Out of West Fargo High School to Support School Safety

Hundreds of students carry signs, release balloons to commemorate victims of February's Parkland shooting

WEST FARGO, N.D. — At West Fargo High School, many students marched in unison and carried signs reading messages such as “fear has no place in our schools”.

At exactly 10 am, hundreds of students marched out the south entrance of West Fargo High School to speak out for change in school safety.

“If you don’t take the measures to make sure you are safe, if you don’t take the measures that you care about your safety here, the worst thing that can happen is it could probably end up right here,” said Mohamed Hamza, a senior at West Fargo High School.

Hamza and other West Fargo seniors made signs and released balloons into the sky to commemorate the seventeen lives lost in last month’s Parkland shooting.

“We saw this as the perfect opportunity to get that message across you know, and what better way than to participate in it,” said Hamza.

The administration at West Fargo High School neither encouraged or discouraged the walkout but  they designated 17 minutes of the day for students to make their voices heard.

“When we all got together and shared these ideas, the first person we went up to was a school administrator, it was someone who worked for this school and when we told them about it, they were willing to work with us,” said Nastesho Ulow, a senior at West Fargo High School.

Senior members of the West Fargo High School National Honor Society led the charge of students during the walkout.

The seniors were satisfied that the other students went along with their cause.

“The biggest thing that we wanted to do was give a voice for students who didn’t have a voice and today we were able to do that,” said Hayat Ahmed, a senior at West Fargo High School.

In a letter sent to parents and students back in February, West Fargo Public School says that they will try to discourage any activity that creates conflict and for teachers to remain vigilant with their students.

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