Sneak Peak of Bright Sky Apartments for the Homeless

People who have never had a place to call home will finally have a bed to rest their heads and a key to their own place

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Over the last five years, Churches United has been building an apartment complex for people who are classified as having experienced long term homelessness and have a disability.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen got a sneak peak of the apartments that will have their first residents moving into them next week.

“Circumstances in their lives lead them to be homeless and the biggest thing that causes homelessness is lack of homes and affordable housing,” said Pastor Sue Koesterman, the Executive Director of Churches United in Moorhead.

Furniture is moved in, kitchen ware is being organized and the last touches are being put on Bright Sky apartments.

“Construction, finishing and getting ready to move the first of the tenants in here,” Sue said.

People who have never had a place to call home will finally have a bed to rest their heads and a key to their own place.

“The whole idea is to have people in a place where they have the supports they need to thrive,” Sue said.

Washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, a crafts center, a playroom and playground, a nurse’s office and a fireside room, are just a few of the amenities these people will have access to.

They are giving them the technology they need to succeed.

“The kids who live in this building can access the kind of software and programs they need to be successful in school,” Sue said.

Bright Sky has 43 different units which consist of 1 2 3 or 4 bedroom apartments on three different floors.

Right off highway 10, Sue says the location couldn’t be more perfect.

“Just great access to all of those things in terms of work and shopping and access to education and access to transportation are all just right here,” Sue said.

For some, their excitement seems simple to outsiders.

“To be in your own place, and have it be a beautiful place and have two windows is huge,” Sue said.

But for Churches United, they are bringing their mission to life.

“This is a piece of tangible hope. The thing that churches united does more than anything else is provide hope…this is hope,” Sue said.

They want people in the community to know they are fighting and working to help those in need, thrive and succeed.

“Churches United for the homeless will not feel like it has completed its mission until there is no need for the shelter anymore,” Sue said.

The first residents will be moving in next week and they are hoping to have the complex full by May.

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