Flood Diversion Authority Submits New Application to Minnesota DNR

The plan impacts much less of rural Minnesota, but adds 2,500 acres of impacted land in Cass County

FARGO, N.D. —¬†After the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) denied the initial diversion application, engineers worked with the Flood Diversion Authority on a new plan that would significantly reduce the impact in rural Minnesota.

“The only ones that it really impacts are the ones that are right along the river that were impacted anyway. And we have a highway that doesn’t need to be raised, we have a railroad that doesn’t need to be raised, so that for us Minnesotans was a really big plus,” said Mayor Del Rae Williams of Moorhead.

The new plan eliminates any impact to the City of Comstock, and also reduces the amount of affected farmland to just 300 acres.

However, on the other side of the River, the diversion plan carries more weight.

“The cost of changing the alignment through the middle of the township they’re estimating at about $120 million extra while leaving out 1500 other people from being protected,” said Mark McAllister, the President of Reed Township.

Reed Township is located just west of Fargo, near the City of Harwood. Local leaders have fielded plenty of questions surrounding the possibility of land changing hands

“What we’d like to do is to get a better idea of is this the line that the DNR would permit, is this something that they’d like or not like, so then we could help get some answers to the people who want to know,” said Mayor Tim Mahoney of Fargo.

The Diversion Authority hopes that with the approval of the DNR, construction could continue next year, with the project’s estimated completion set for 2025.

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