Moorhead Ice Show Celebrating 40 Years with Special Guest

Skaters are throwing on their costumes, getting into character and showing off what they do best

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Moorhead Ice Show is celebrating 40 years performing on the ice but this year, they are performing a new theme, “One More Chapter.”

This annual performance gives kids a chance to let loose and explore their favorite moves on the ice.

“All that you’ve worked for you just get to go and do it and have fun,” said Chloe Pesek, a skater.

Skaters are throwing on their costumes, getting into character and showing off what they do best.

“It’s what I love to do,” Chloe said.

“When they get to do this it’s more fun for them, easier to smile, pressure’s off,” said Dawn Franklin, the Moorhead Ice Show Director.

For 52 weeks out of the year, these kids are training for competitions but for one weekend, and one weekend only…

“They pick all of their favorite spins, favorite jumps and they like to show off for their friends and ya know their grandparents, maybe people that don’t get to see them skate during the season,” Dawn said.

“We get to do more specialty kind of actions and movements in it yeah that really changes it,” Chloe said.

Each talent has their favorite part of the show…

“Watching the little kids that’s always fun,” Chloe said.

But this year that may change with a role model out on the ice.

“Oh he’s probably headed to the next Olympics,” Dawn said.

Tim Dolensky traveled all the way from Texas to be the guest skater next to these Moorhead stars.

“You can say you knew him when if you come out to the show this weekend,” Dawn said.

“It’s cool to be inspiring to them and know that that’s where they can be if they just keep going and keep working,” Tim said.

But he says as accomplishing as it will be to get to the Olympic level, having performances like these prove what’s important.

“It reminds everybody including myself, someone who’s been skating a long time, that skating is really for fun and life is not all about skating,” Tim said.

From Waldo to Romeo and Juliet and even to Dr. Seuss…these skaters are jumping out of each story book.

“I really like my character and just doing it with my friends,” Chloe said.

And for some, they have been watching this show flourish and change from the beginning.

“It’s a big deal for me because I was in the very first ice show,” Dawn said.”

The ice show will be on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm and on Sunday at 1 pm at the Moorhead Sports Center.

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