Suspect Shot By Fargo Police Is Charged With Two Felonies

Estrada is charged with terrorizing and attempted aggravated assault on a peace officer with a dangerous weapon.

FARGO, ND — Orlando Estrada, the man shot by Fargo Police after they say he charged at them with a knife was charged with two felonies in Cass County District Court.

Estrada is charged with terrorizing and attempted aggravated assault on a peace officer with a dangerous weapon.

He’s also charged with a misdemeanor of violating an order prohibiting contact related to a previous case.

Estrada’s bail is set at $75,000.

Police shot Estrada after they responded to a call of a man and a woman arguing at 3101 32nd Street South at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

When they got there, Police say 28–year–old Orlando Estrada started charging at them with a knife.

Neighbors say they had no idea what was going on at 3101 32nd Street South last night as a sea of red and blue lights filled the area.

“I was just on the phone with a friend and then I heard sirens. I’ve never seen that many police cars in Fargo, period,” said Rage Nur, who lives in a neighboring apartment building.

But the heavy police presence was because someone called them about a man and woman arguing at the address.

On the way there, police found out the woman had an order of protection against the man, 28–year–old Orlando Estrada.

When police arrived at the apartment, Estrada started charging at officers with a knife. It’s why officer Jacob Rued fired his weapon at Estrada.

“If that guy pulled a knife on a cop, if he didn’t want them to do anything, he shouldn’t have done anything. He should have just listened,” said Ricky Belgarde, who lives in a neighboring apartment building.

Estrada ran back into his apartment and barricaded himself inside.

Officers then tried to lure him out of the apartment.

“They were just trying to tell Orlando to call 911 so that they can kind of talk him out of the situation, just trying to get him out of there because he was bleeding,” said Morgen Grady, who lives right about Estrada.

Eventually Estrada came out of the apartment.

However, some neighbors who know him and his girlfriend say they were surprised to learn it was Estrada involved in a domestic disturbance call.

“They were out back grilling just like a regular couple. You never really know what’s going on behind closed doors I guess,” Grady said.

Other neighbors say no matter who it is, everyone in the area needs to start being more proactive against crime.

“We as a community must come together and make sure these things don’t happen. You got to crime watch. Crime watching doesn’t work if the community or the people on that block don’t watch,”  Belgarde said.

North Dakota’s BCI is taking over the investigation.

Officer Rued has been placed on paid administrative leave.








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