Lamoureux Twins Visit Sanford Children’s Hospital

Children got to hold the twins' Olympic gold medals


FARGO, N.D. — The Lamoureux twins of Grand Forks visited Sanford Children’s Hospital hoping to inspire the next generation.

“It’s like, they were at the Olympics and they won the gold medal. I never thought I’d meet someone like that,” said 17-year old Michael Landquist.

Kids at Sanford got the chance to feel just how heavy that gold medal is when the Olympic champions came to visit.

The Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux say the attention and opportunities they’re receiving back at home aren’t slowing down, even five weeks after winning gold for hockey at the Winter Olympics.

“To be able to do things that are outside of what we typically do is really special for us, especially for these kids that are obviously going through a tough time,” Monique said.

They say they were inspired to get into hockey after meeting a member of the 1998 gold medal women’s hockey team.

“That just lit a fire in us and inspired us to want to chase an Olympic dream. If we can be that spark for the next generation and if we can meet as many young players as possible, that’s what we’re going to do,” Jocelyne said.

Parents say the twins’ visit was very inspiring for their kids because it gave them a boost as they work towards their recovery goals.

“It is a boost in their energy. Because Michael is a pretty good athlete. It just gives them the inspiration to want to push harder and get back into athletics,” said Janet Golden Landquist, Michael’s mother.

Those who met the twins found them to be very relatable.

“They’re just normal. They’re good to talk to. They like watch Netflix and do all that stuff just like normal people,” Michael said.

“It was fun to see them. Like you could touch them. They’re real. It’s like they’re really Olympians talking to Michael,” Janet said.

The Lamoureux twins scored the game–tying and shootout–winning goals during the U.S.A vs. Canada Olympic gold medal game in PyeongChang.

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