The Valley’s Winter Parking Problem

Adam Ladwig Learns First-Hand When His Car Gets Boxed In

Snow isn’t only cold, wet and annoying. It’s also a magician, hiding things in plain sight, and the result of that trick can leave you trapped.

There’s a Facebook page called Fargo Can’t Park. It’s pretty harmless. People post photos of poor parking jobs, people straddling the line, people parked in front of hydrants.

Even KVRR was featured on the page. Fun!

But imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through Facebook and found this pic. That car in the middle, trapped on either side? That’s my car.

Apparently someone didn’t want me to leave the gym early.

The black SUV behind me parked pretty much in the middle of the driving lane.

I see it every winter, people forgetting where the lines are, parking halfway out in driver lanes.

So, I have a favor to ask. If you do park in a snowy lot, look around and see if you’ll be in the way, or else you might end up shamed on social media.

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