UND Football: Fighting Hawks Still Working Out the Kinks Heading into their Spring Game

UND's spring game is set for 6 p.m. on Friday at the High Performance Center

GRAND  FORKS, N.D. — Three wins, eight losses, and an 11th-place finish in the isn’t exactly what UND football had in mind after making the playoffs the year before.

In fact, most of what took place during the 2017 season is completely different from UND’s 2016 Big Sky title year. This spring, however, the Hawks are using their 15 practices to iron out some of last year’s mistakes. Although the team says it hasn’t been consistent, they’re continuing to learn from their mistakes.

“Sometimes you can kind of see flashes of what we did last year coming back into what we do and that’s the big thing we have to get rid of,” senior running back John Santiago said. “We have to get rid of those bad habits and we’re going to learn from what we did in the past and we’re going to fix those things for the future.”

“We got a lot of younger guys and they have to learn too,”senior defensive lineman Tank Harris said. “Of course they’re going to make mistakes but we tell them if they make mistakes they have to be full speed. We’re constantly working and we’re constantly on each other and we’re constantly bringing each other up just to continue to keep getting better and better.”

The Fighting Hawks will have one more chance to smooth things over in their spring game, Friday at 6 p.m.

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