Pet Connection: Why It’s Important To Spay and Neuter

We meet some adorable but unexpected kittens


Homeward Animal Shelter is hosting its annual Spay-ghetti and No Balls Lunch on April 12th. The event raises money for the shelter’s spay and neuter programs. Since they couldn’t join us for Pet Connection, we highlights a couple of animals available through the shelter, Abigail the black lab and Helena the domestic shorthair cat. You can find information about them and other pets available for adoption by clicking here.

To show the risks involved with not spaying or neutering your pet, KVRR production assistant Baehlee Ruchti joins us with her cat, Eloise, and three kittens she didn’t expect to have.

Baehlee got Eloise a couple months ago, and didn’t find out until a few weeks later that her cat was pregnant when she got her.

She tells us what it’s like having an adorable, but completely surprising litter of kittens.

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