Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Village Receives $9,500 Donation

Gate City Bank chose the organization at random prior to Giving Hearts Day awards ceremony

FARGO, N.D. — Giving Hearts Day was more than two months ago, but Gate City Bank keeps the giving season alive with a surprise donation to one randomly chosen nonprofit.

The lucky recipient this year? Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Village

“To receive an additional $9500 from Gate City Bank, we’re just so grateful and thankful to Gate City for supporting this program,” said Sherri Hashbarger, the Director of Marketing and Media of The Village Family Service Center.

The big donation will help many volunteers, like Shane Mercer, develop strong bonds with their little brothers and sisters.

“I’ve been matched with my little brother for years and we’ve been hanging out, talking, and you get to know their family, you get to know what’s going on in their life,” said Mercer.

There were over 220 big–and–little pairings last year, but Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Village hopes that number grows in the future.

“It costs money for us to provide that service, but we don’t charge any fees to the volunteers or to the children and the families that take part,” said Hashbarger.

“It’s not something where you walk away where you just do it and then you walk away, it’s something where you really build a relationship,” said Mercer.

The surprise donation keeps up with Gate City’s mission to support the community.

“This is a significant amount of money for these charities, and to make that big of a difference for them, it just brings tears in your eyes of joy that we can do this,” said Karin Rudd, the Executive Vice President of Digital, Deposits, and Checking for Gate City Bank.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Village hopes this donation could encourage more volunteers to help over 50 to 70 additional children in the area.

In addition to the $9500 donation from Gate City Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Village also received two $500 grants from the Dakota Medical Foundation.

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