NDSU Students Help Out Passengers in a Flipped Car in Wyoming

The five students were coming back from a conference in California

FARGO, N.D. — Five NDSU students were simply just college students last week, but an encounter on the road in Wyoming made them heroes.

Terrance Hanlon, Evan Wurden, Martin Eichers, and staff member Benjamin Kading jumped into action when they saw a vehicle go off the side of the road in front of them in Wyoming.

Not only did they help the driver and the passenger out of the flipped car, but they prevented further injury, got them blankets, and water, waited for the ambulances and medical helicopter to arrive, and helped keep them calm.

“Without our assistance it’s possible they could have hurt themselves trying to get out on their own because no one would have assisted them, but since we stopped and we were there to help them, that really de–escalated the situation,” said Eichers.

The group was on their way back from a class trip to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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