Longfellow, Washington Elementary Compete in Energy Challenge

EFargo partnered with the schools to help them keep track of the amount of energy they consume

FARGO, N.D. — More than 80 fourth and fifth graders at Longfellow Elementary are figuring out ways to conserve energy at their school.

Longfellow is in a competition with students at Washington Elementary to see who can save the most energy over the next three weeks.

Students began the challenge this morning by first learning about energy with virtual reality headsets.

They then went around the school and marked the areas that could help them to save energy.

“They’re basically taking how do we waste energy within the school system, forgetting to turn off lights and things like that and then the kids will get points. The long term goal for them besides saving money for the district is taking this home and saving money at home as well,” said Cairra Pfau, a fifth grade teacher at Longfellow Elementary.

EFargo partnered with both schools for the project and will send them weekly reports to let them know their energy usage.

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