Local Music Fans Celebrate Vinyl Records on “Record Store Day”

Local record stores have festivities featuring live music, discounted prices

FARGO, N.D. — Music fans celebrate their love for vinyl records at several stores across the metro.

As part of Record Store Day, Vinyl Giant on 13th Avenue South held an all–day event to sell discounted vinyl records and merchandise.

Live music featuring local musicians and DJ’s fills the air as people relive their favorite records from decades ago.

Some say that sorting through the old vinyl records brings them back to vivid memories in their lives.

“My mom, she would play Michael Jackson and that’s how she taught me to dance, was by tapping my foot to that record, and that’s something that’s ingrained in my memory. I can always travel in time back to that with my mom, and unfortunately we lose loved ones, but we never lose those memories, and music makes me even stronger,” said Aaron Swinkels, the President and CEO of Vinyl Giant Records.

Orange Records in downtown Fargo and Mother’s in Moorhead also had their own festivities throughout the day.

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