Fargo City Commission Candidates Gather for Q & A

Some of the biggest concerns from citizens are housing, infrastructure, and transportation

FARGO, N.D. — The Hawthorne Neighborhood Association hosted a forum for Fargo city commission candidates.

Organizers say the questions citizens submitted were wide-ranging, but some of the biggest topics were aging infrastructure, housing, election reform, and affordability of living in the city.

The candidates say improving core neighborhoods is key, as is balancing the needs of renters and landlords to create a more equitable housing landscape.

“Core neighborhoods really provide a lot of the character for a community,” said Tony Flakoll, city commission candidate.

“Some things we’re working on: rental licensure, community trust fund to hopefully pick up some of those deteriorating homes before a so-called slum lord purchases them, and neighborhood plans,” said Arlette Preston, another candidate.

“What we need to do is be able to provide some incentive for that 25 to 40 age group to allow them to maybe look at the idea of renting with the idea of purchasing,” said Liz Maddock-Johnson, another candidate.

The forum also touched on transportation and improving access for citizens to get around, whether that be driving, biking, taking the bus, or walking.

There are nine candidates in the running for city commission.

The election will take place on June 12.

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