This Fargo Man May have Not Gone to the Car Show, but the Show Was Brought to Him

Jim may not say much, but the look in his eyes each time he sees a car drive by says it all

FARGO, N.D. — Jim’s family and people from the valley didn’t let his inability to leave Rosewood on Broadway from attending the vintage car show.

But they made up for it…they brought the car show to Jim.

“He looks out his window every day and watches the cars goes by,” said Jim’s wife, Carol.

Just waiting to see a classic car.

“It’s 4:51 grandpa.”

Normally, Jim would be at a car show this Saturday afternoon, listening to the engines and competing in his red corvette.

“We haven’t missed a car show in 25 years,” Carol said.

But because of a recent fall and time in the ICU this day is different…

“Any time now they should leave the Moorhead center mall, you’re looking at the people across the street too?”

“He couldn’t go to the show so we brought it to him,” said Jim’s granddaughter Kayla.

“Pretty, pretty excited,” Jim said.

Jim may not say much, but the look in his eyes each time he sees a car drive by says it all.

“This makes him so happy,” Carol said.

“We needed this happiness and this lift me up in our lives right now,” Carol said.

There’s more coming.

“I’m so glad it came together the way it did,” Kayla said.

“OOOO look at that one.”

His family says they have done everything they can for him medically…

“Love you grandpa.”

“Don’t take tomorrow for granted because there might not be a tomorrow appreciate what you have today,” Carol said.

And now it’s time to enjoy what time they have left, appreciating the little things in life…especially his love for cars.

“More corvettes, more corvettes.”

“I didn’t expect almost a hundred and somethign cars at all,” Kayla said.

Jim’s heart was touched by the rev of each engine…

“Good to see you Jim.”

And the support from the community.

“Grandpa, Northern Lights Car Club wanted to give you a patch. They gave you your own patch,” Kayla said.

For Jim, this was a day he will never forget…

“There are no words but thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Carol said.

And a reminder that his love and passion for classic cars will always stay alive.

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