Fargo-Moorhead Goes “Out with the Old” By Filling Streets Ahead of Cleanup Week

People across the metro put out their unwanted goods for Fargo Solid Waste to pick up

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Old couches, mattresses and even musical instruments give some new character to the streets of Fargo.

“I find it unique. You know I’ve lived in many other places and never have I seen anything like this where the city is willing to pick up your stuff if you leave it on the curb,” said Michael Dillon of Fargo.

Dillon has lived in Fargo for the last twelve years, and he embraces Cleanup Week since it saves him the trouble of moving his unwanted stuff around town.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to be lazy about getting rid of unwanted things. You don’t have to go to all the way the dump, you don’t have to pay,” said Dillon.

Even if people are not looking to throw anything away, they can literally pick up some unwanted goods and make one man’s trash another man’s treasure.

With that said, there are certain rules that people have to follow. They can’t leave out wood, concrete, building materials, large electronics, or hazardous wastes.

“If you got a boulevard full of furniture, we’re going to charge for that too. I mean it’s reasonable amounts, so let’s keep it to the couch, the chair, just a very reasonable household amount,” said Dave Rheault, a Route Supervisor for Fargo Solid Waste.

The Fargo Solid Waste Department recommends that people divide their stuff into distinct piles so specific trucks can pick up the right items.

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