Saving Smiles Dentistry Celebrates Star Wars Day with The Salvation Army

Dr. James Johnson and his staff dress up in Star Wars attire and serve lunch

FARGO, N.D. —┬áThe staff of Saving Smiles Dentistry celebrated Star Wars Day by serving up smiles to community members.

In partnership with the Salvation Army, the staff dressed up in Star Wars costumes and served lunch.

The partnership arose after Volunteer and Public Relations Manager Kallie Frost saw that Dr. James Johnson reserved 129 seats for his patients and participants in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to see the latest Star Wars movie.

“It’s fun to engage the community in a way that they’re interested, and Saving Smiles is a huge Star Wars fan, and so it’s fun to bridge the two and you know you want to get your volunteers passionate about not only just serving but also making it fun for everybody,” said Frost.

The staff also helped the Salvation Army staff by cleaning up the dining room once the meal ended.

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