Sen. Hoeven learns about NDSU’s defense projects

Research projects are being in coordination with the Department of Defense

FARGO, N.D. — Senator John Hoeven met with researchers at NDSU to discuss the works being done at the university.

The projects are being done in coordination with the Department of Defense. Hoeven is a member of the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee.

Hoeven toured laboratories with research on bio–reactive materials, water filtration bio–fouling, and coatings for military infrastructure.

NDSU has received nearly $6 million from the defense department over the last five years.

Professors say they’re glad the senator took time to hear about their research.

“I think he understands. More than people give credit to politicians. Just remember that even if it’s not a sexy topic, it’s not on the headlines all the time, it’s very important,” Dante Battocchi, assistant professor of coatings and polymeric materials said.


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