Students at Fargo’s Eagles Elementary Get Green Thumbs By Developing A Snack Garden

FARGO, ND – Students at Fargo’s Eagles Elementary School are learning about planting and healthy food while developing a snack garden.

It’s part of a grant–funded project the school is using to teach kids about project–based learning.

Fifth graders are creating their plan to build the garden this week.

Later this month, they will work with Eagles Elementary’s Educational Autism Academy to plant seeds.

“Well, I grew up gardening. It’s a great hobby. It’s a way to get back to nature. It is fantastic exercise getting outside, and I think starting them young and having that understanding of plants and pollinators at this age is something that they’re hopefully going to take them throughout their lives,” Eagles Elementary Fifth Grade Teacher Benjamin Jystad-Spar said.

The learning doesn’t stop once the school year ends.

Students will care for the plants throughout the Summer.

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