MATBUS Donates Youth Programming and Outreach Transport Van to Fargo PD

"We are working with families and kids that don't have transportation readily available to them"

FARGO, N.D. — Over the last few months the Fargo Police Department has been trying to find a method of transportation for their community engagement group.

MATBUS has donated a vehicle that is going to change the future for these programs.

The Fargo Police Department doesn’t just serve to protect, they serve to help children in the community.

“So we’re very excited about the possibilities that having this bus is going to open up for us,” said Officer Matt Niemeyer, with the Fargo Police Department.

MATBUS has donated a Youth Programming and Outreach Transportation Van…

“We felt like this was a very good opportunity for us to step in and help out their program and kind of fill a need that they had for their program to be successful,” said Jordan Smith, the Transit Fleet Manager of MATBUS.

This van is for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to be involved in activities…

“We are working with families and kids that don’t have transportation readily available to them,” Niemeyer said.

And now this bus gives the department them the opportunity to expand this program.

“This is going to open up field trips and things that we can do throughout the school year,” Niemeyer said.

Engagement officers get involved with local organizations to help create new programs for the kids.

“This isn’t about MATBUS or the police department, this is really about these kids and these youth and how we can work together as a community to make this a good program,” Smith said.

That is exactly what they are doing. Providing a new outlet for kids to discover what their possibilities are.

“Try to get to the kids early, be a positive influence and help change their lives and the kids that we’ve met two years ago, they’re entirely different kids now,” Niemeyer said.

On the outside it may just look like a bus.

But this new addition could change kid’s futures.

“And one of our goals actually our common purpose, our mission, is to unite with different community groups to help youth within our community, find their strengths and become successful in the future as adults,” said. Lt. William Ahlfeldt, with the Fargo Police Department.

The community engagement group does not have a budget so most of their programs and activities are funded by donations from the community.

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