Mother of Lukas Kusters, “The Dutch Destroyer”, Returns to Fargo

Rebecca Burmeff looks to sell bracelets to raise funds for the Live Like Lukas foundation

FARGO, N.D. — The mother of the the late Lukas Kusters, who was nicknamed the “Dutch Destroyer”, returns to Fargo to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Rebecca Burmeff will be on hand at the second annual FM Wing Challenge to sell bracelets to raise funds for Live Like Lukas.

Her son met Carson Wentz as part of ESPN’s “Make–A–Wish Series” before he passed away from a rare form of cancer last year.

After first visiting Fargo last year with her family, Burmeff says that she loves how the people of Fargo are so welcoming.

“It’s amazing. We knew we would be back at some point. We’re just very drawn to Fargo and to the people. We’ve built some really great connections with folks here, so we knew we would be back, just didn’t know it would be quite so soon,” said Burmeff.

All proceeds go towards Live Like Lukas, which raises awareness for childhood cancer.

The Wing Challenge is at 3 pm on Friday at Southwest Youth Ice Arena in Fargo.

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