Discovery Middle School Explores Careers “On Wheels”

FARGO, N.D. — Not every job requires you to be in an office all day. Some require you to be on the road.

Discovery Middle School introduced students to all the different types of careers they could pursue behind the wheel.

More than ten businesses and organizations talked to students about what they do every day.

Some of them included Fargo Fire, Fargo Police and Cass County Electric Cooperative.

“This is a time when they’re really kind of expanding their knowledge and thinking about what kind of classes that they might want to take next year and even going into high school to prepare them for some different careers. The younger they can be exposed to things like this, they can think about what interests them,” said Mandy Orth Gibney, Discovery Middle School seventh grade counselor.

Students interviewed each of the presenters about the skills they need to do their job, the starting salary in their industry and their job schedule.

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