Sen. Heidi Heitkamp Endorsed by ND AFL-CIO

FARGO, ND – The North Dakota AFL-CIO endorsed Sen. Heidi Heitkamp at its convention in Fargo Friday.

Delegates there represented more than 17,000 North Dakota union members.

The AFL-CIO supports the Democrat in her race for reelection against Congressman Kevin Cramer because they say Heitkamp has lead the charge to protect North Dakotan’s pensions.

“One of the big issues in this campaign is really going to be where do you stand on pensions? Where do you stand on eliminating the cap on social security? Where do you stand on making sure that health care is affordable for all people not just the richest among us?” Heitkamp said.

The AFL-CIO also endorsed former North Dakota Senate Minority Leader Mac Scneider in his House Race against Republican Dickinson Senator Kelly Armstrong.

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