Honor Flight Veterans Visit War Memorials On Final Day of Trip

They were surprised with a visit by Horizon Middle School students

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Veterans on the Honor Flight of North Dakota and Minnesota are wrapping up their trip to our nation’s capital.

But before they made their way back to Fargo, they were surprised with a visit by Horizon Middle School students.

The veterans’ last day was filled with some pretty special moments but they’re saying one of the highlights of it all was getting to spend time with those students.

The veterans visited the sites commemorating those wars they fought in. Those included the Korean, Vietnam and World War II memorials.

It was at the World War II memorial where the students met the veterans on their last day of in D.C.

Veteran Betty Wahl says seeing the students show their appreciation made the trip even more worthwhile.

“I think it’s just fabulous,” said Wahl.  “I attribute the young generation to making a change in our system because I believe that every young lady should go in for at least two years.”

Lillian Biggerstaff is honoring the veterans with Horizon Middle School.

“There are people who risked their lives so we could live a good life and some didn’t make it out alive and it’s terrible for those families but those who are with their families and were blessed to have them come back home is pretty cool,” said Biggerstaff.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Congressman Colin Peterson also met the veterans on their last day.

The veterans expect to be back in Fargo by 9 PM Monday.


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