Honor Flight

Special Veterans Celebration Held At Touchmark at Harwood Groves

The staff set up a wall of memorabilia that many of the veterans had during their service overseas

FARGO, N.D. — Veterans at Touchmark at Harwood Groves were the guest of honor at a special celebration. In honor of their service, veterans were invited to stand and be recognized by staff, family, and friends at Touchmark. The staff set up a wall of memorabilia that many of the veterans had during their service overseas. A presentation by physical…

Veteran Takes Virtual Honor Flight To D.C.

"When I go through personal struggles of my own, I just think about Ole and how he perseveres, and his spirit is just wonderful."

DETROIT LAKES, MINN — U.S. Navy Veteran Daryle Olson or as everyone calls him, “Ole” served from 1956 to 1960. When his number was called to join the Honor Flight, there was some excitement. “When we first found out he was chosen to go on the flight, we were excited and looking forward to it,” Ole’s wife Darlene Olson said….

Finding Comfort In Memories Of Military Service

Honor Flight Veterans Recall Loss & Sacrifice So That We Don't Forget

  The Veterans honor flight of North Dakota and Minnesota brings back vivid memories for the veterans who visit our nation’s capital. Sometimes the worst memories of their lives. I found out on the latest honor flight that those memories gives our veterans comfort that we won’t forget what they did for our country. To serve is to sacrifice. These…

“It’s unreal” veterans moved by seeing monuments during honor flight

WASHINGTON – After a super rainy day one, day two of the Veterans Honor Flight brought some much better weather for our local veterans. A police escort made sure they made it to all the monuments in time. First, the national archives where they saw the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, documents these veterans served and fought to protect. Then…

Heroes Return Home From ND/MN Honor Flight

FARGO, N.D. – Nearly 100 local veterans return home from the latest Veterans Honor Flight of North Dakota/Minnesota to Washington, D.C. Click the video above to see how they were welcomed back. Tags: Honor Flight, veterans

Grandfather & Grandson Share Special Veteran Bond on Honor Flight

WASHINGTON – Another group of area veterans is getting ready to head to Washington DC on the latest Honor Flight. Each one is filled with stories of heroism. On the last flight, two veterans from very different generations shared their story. Of the 90 Veterans on our local May honor flight, two were escorted by a grandchild and one grandfather-grandson…

Veterans Honor Flight Holds Fundraiser at RedHawks Game

The next honor flight will be October 20th and 21st

FARGO, N.D. — It was Veterans Honor Flight Jersey Day at the RedHawks game and there was no shortage of support. The players wore Honor Flight jerseys that will be auctioned off. The fundraiser also included merchandise, a silent auction and a chance to donate money. All proceeds go towards taking about 90 veterans to Washington, D.C. to see the…

A Heroes’ Welcome Home: Veterans Return From D.C. Honor Flight

dozens were at Hector International to thank 90 veterans for their service

FARGO, N.D. — Korean and World War II veterans may not have all been invited back to the states with open arms back then, but they’re now getting a heroes’ welcome home. Ninety veterans embarked on a two-day trip to our nation’s capital as part of the North Dakota, Minnesota Honor Flight. Dozens of people welcomed them back at Hector…