Kindergartners Learn from NDSU’s “Bug Man”

The Bug Man brought live bugs for the students to see

FARGO, N.D. — Kids at Eagle Elementary wrapped up a week learning about bugs with a visit from Don Carey, or NDSU’s “Bug Man.”

Carey works at NDSU’s entomology department.

He brought live bugs for the kids to see, like a centipede and tarantula.

Kindergartners have been learning about a new bug every day of the week by making bug crafts and snacks. They applied what they learned to reading and math as well.

“They’ve loved him. If you can hear in the background there’s a few screams, he’s bringing out the live bugs right now. I think it’s just fun for them to get the real life experience with it. Not only do they learn about it in school but they also get to see it,” Jessica Voss, the teacher, said.

The presentation was given to almost 60 kindergartners in the second year Bug Week has been held at the school.

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