Ruck Marchers Raise Awareness for Veteran Suicides

They marched from the border 20 pounds in their rucksacks

MOORHEAD, Minn. — CrossFit Fargo and the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation put together a ruck march to raise awareness for veteran suicides.

Marchers started at the U.S.–Canada border and will finish at the North Dakota–South Dakota border. They stopped at Centennial Park in Moorhead.

Each marcher carries 20 pounds of weight inside their rucksack to represent the heavy gear soldiers carry.

Four teams are doing the march, each rucking six 10–mile increments.

“It feels amazing actually. Just a little bit of blisters and what not on the bottom of the feet but it’s a great feeling of able to have the community support us as much as they have. We’re a little over halfway and by tomorrow we’ll get to the finish,” Jeremy Donais, a marcher, said.

The march will end tomorrow, and the teams will have an after party to celebrate what they accomplished.

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