Veteran Honors Memorial Day with Other Members of CrossFit Ice House by Completing Honor Work Out

Michael Murphy was kind of the epitome of an American Hero someone who sacrificed his own life to save his team and his crew

FARGO, N.D. — Whether you are attending a ceremony or spending the weekend at the lake, most people are celebrating Memorial Day in their own way.

CrossFit Ice House is not only doing what they do best, but honoring those fallen soldiers through a work out.

“This was his workout of choice. He used to call it body armor and CrossFit has renamed it Murph,” said Sara Mozingo, a Co-Owner of Ice House.

And CrossFit gyms across the country are honoring this fallen solider on Memorial Day.

“Michael Murphy was kind of the epitome of an American Hero someone who sacrificed his own life to save his team and his crew,” said Warren Christensen, an Ice House Member.

“CrossFit has a huge military following, it was kind of designed for the military originally,” Mozingo said.

They start off the Murph with a mile run, come into the gym and do 100 pull ups get down on the ground and do 200 pushups followed by 300 air squats and then another mile run.”

It may be a different way of honoring those who have put their lives on the line but members say…

“It kind of reminds you that even when you’re in pain or when you’re being pushed to your physical limit that this is really nothing in the grand scheme of things,” said Christensen.

And past veterans themselves, couldn’t agree more.

This is like nothing of what they are doing out there right?

“Yes. Exactly,” said Isaac “MOGWAI” Graham, a veteran.

This is easy compared to them.

“Yes no seriously,” Isaac said.

Isaac was a photographer in the military and being exposed to grenades during war caused him to suffer a stroke just a few years later.

But he says if he were able to physically, he’d be back out there fighting for his country.

“Immediately, like here all better fine and oh perfect fighting, immediately combat,” Isaac said.

Day after day, he commits to being at the gym…pushing himself to the best of his ability.

What does working out mean to you Issac?

“Fighting,” Isaac said.

Isaac and many other Ice House members say it’s accomplishing to finish a Murph workout.

“To be able to echo a little bit of what they out themselves through is really meaningful,” Christensen said.

And a special time to show their appreciation.

“An opportunity to really push yourself and focus on something greater than yourself, and bigger than yourself,” Christensen said.

“This is really a chance for us just to say thank you to everyone that had made that sacrifice and continues to be out there fighting for us daily,” Mozingo said.

That’s what Isaac says is the most important.

To remember that Americans are still out there.

“Still going on, Iraq, It’s still going on,” Isaac said.

Ice House holds other events throughout the year, like other named work outs and Veterans Day events to honor those who have done so much for our country.

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