Dilworth Thrift Store Owner Takes to Social Media to Catch Shoplifters

Jazzy and Mumbo's Animal Aid Thrift Store owner plans on pressing charges against shoplifter

DILWORTH, Minn. —┬áIn her time as the owner of Jazzy and Mumbo’s Animal Aid Thrift Store in Dilworth, Wendy Cowan knows the many tricks shoplifters have up their sleeves.

“They take things to the bathroom, try it on, then never come back out with it, they’ll put it in their bag, or wear it out. We found hangers inside pants, which I’ve shown on a video on my Facebook page,” said Cowan.

But it was another Facebook video from Cowan that turned some heads. On Monday, a security camera right near the store’s entrance shows three people distracting a volunteer, paving the way one woman carried a Samsung computer monitor past the check out counter and straight out the door.

More than three hundred people shared the Facebook video, which led the shoplifter and her husband to return the computer monitor earlier this afternoon.

Even though the monitor is back in their possession and they got a $20 donation from the couple, Cowan still wants to press charges against the shoplifter.

“It’s not right to steal something, even if you did return it and donated, where else have you stolen from? And how many times have you stolen from us?” said Cowan.

There are many security cameras around the store, and Cowan says she could even see the footage on her phone. Cowan says she’s pleased with how the community rallied around her post.

“That is the only good thing about social media about everything else it’s ‘you can’t have freedom of speech, you can’t have this, you can’t do that’ but once something like this happens, hey, I’m all for that. It helped us a lot to get it back,” said Cowan.


Cowan has already filed a report against the shoplifter with the Dilworth Police Department.

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